Company Overview

The Company was founded in response to the move of the government through THE ORGANIC FERTILIZER LAW to phase out synthetic or commercial fertilizers in 10 years (since 3 years ago). This is in recognition of the effects of commercial fertilizers on the soil rendering it acidic and toxic causing infertility of the soil thus resulting to regressive output overtime and unsuitable for farming in the long term. This causes environmental damages (soil pollution), biodiversity alteration, ill-effects on the farmer’s health and loss of income and employment opportunities in the agricultural sector. Aware of this scenario, the founders of this company.


“To make farmers as Heroes in the Elimination of Poverty and Hunger through Sustainable Farming and Environmental Protection.”


The company envisions a better quality of living conditions of farmers including their social, economic and cultural well-being. This can be achieved by offering high quality organic fertilizers which is expected to substantially reduce the cost of farming inputs at the same time increasing their harvest from 30% to 100% from year 1 to year 4 and onwards. Hence the good harvest will eventually create surplus that will in turn stabilize market market prices hence ensuring safe and affordable food for the Filipinos and the possibility of exporting the huge surplus. By using organic biotechnology it is expected that soil pollution will be eradicated and soil fertility will be redeemed back on its original condition, biodiversity enhancement is achieved and hence the Conservation of ecosystems which is needed to sustain farming activities.


1. To help reduce production cost and inputs by providing farmers quality organic fertilizers through substantial lower cost compared to synthetic/chemical fertilizers.

2. Ensure higher harvest yield in as much as 30% - 100% by using world class and high quality organic fertilizers.

3. Ensure sustainable farming practices by protecting and continuously enriching the nutrients of the soil and abundance of friendly microorganisms.

4. Further reduce production cost since fertilizer applications shall be regressively reduced on the 5th year onward or as soon as soil fertility is already stable and sustainable.

5. As a result of cheaper production cost and higher yield in substantial percentage, it is expected that farmers and cooperatives will enjoy an economic, social and cultural ripple effect.

6. To use organic fertilizer instead of synthetic or chemical fertilizers, enduring the health of farmers and consumers and protection of the environment.

7. Help farmers lives improve and enable them to support their families. To be self-sustaining and help the Philippines become exporters not importers of agricultural products.


  1. To produce safe, good quality and abundant harvest through organic farming

  2. Help farmer’s lives improve and enable the, to support their families.

  3. For the Philippines to be self-sustaining in food production and become exporters not importers of world class agricultural product.

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